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Extra Disney Day at The Magic Kingdom

Yes, believe it or not, I’m at the Magic Kingdom for Leap Day 2012. The park is open for 24 hours (6am to 6am) for the One More Disney Day bi-coastal event. I don’t know if I’m going to make it all 24 hours, but you have to be here early, like I was this morning, in order to give it a try.

My main goal is to get as much of the Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom finished as possible. I’m not the only one with that idea. The queue for Space Mountain was shorter than SotMK for a while this morning.

As I go through the day I’ll come back and add any commentary or breaking news to this thread. I’ll be in the park overnight (at least that’s the plan). If you’re in the park and you see me tweeting as @TheDisneyBlog, please come over and say howdy.

Mickey & Minnie look like they just woke up. Or are those Light Magic costumes?

A sea of special event Mickey Mouse Ears as the opening show began..

The fog, it ate Cinderella Castle.

Cinderella Castle looms gently in the morning fog.

A little later, the morning mist makes for a pretty picture.

Lines at SotMK were longer than attraction lines in the early hours.

The women’s t-shirt style.

Some of the goodies I got in the morning.

Candied apples made just for One More Disney Day.

Delicious looking Mickey Cake Pops too.

Finally, some yummy cupcakes.

8 thoughts on “Extra Disney Day at The Magic Kingdom”

  1. Mickey & Minnie in PJs and slippers is just adorable. Given how many little (and not so little) boys and girls go to sleep with a Mickey plush, I love that he has his own teddy bear. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. That’s not just any teddy bear. It’s of course Duffy, which they’re pushing at every opportunity.

  6. Disneyland CA, was a nightmare!!! Over 85,000 people came for the event. They stopped letting people into the park more then once from the hours of 10pm-5am. Almost every ride was at least a hour wait with the big 5 (Space, Thunder, Indy, Pirates and Mansion) at 120+ wait. Some of my friends waited over an hour to park and a hour to get into the park. At one point people started jumping the fence to get in. I know this because it cause the Disneyland Railroad (that I was on at the time) to come to a stop in between stations and hold for 20 mins while they searched the tracks fro more people.
    Disney I think tried to make people happy and give them something to do by pushing shows back to 1 am and later, but by doing so I feel they were forcing people to stay longer then they may have wanted. On a high note the park was AMAZING from the hours of 6am to 8pm line were short no more then 10 to 20 mins. The day was beautiful outside. But when night time fell the NIGHTMARE began. Maybe next time make this a passholder exclusive event. Like when Finding Nemo opened. Last night made the 1986 Open for 72 hours look like a normal day in the park.

  7. Thanks for the pictures. We were in the park from 6-6 as well and it was nice to see a different perspective. Glad we didn’t try to make it to Disneyland – the lines in WDW were long enough.

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