Attacked EPCOT Attraction Habit Heroes to Close?

The newest exhibit in EPCOT’s Innoventions was subjected to attacks from various groups for presenting the subject matter in a rude and offensive manner. That exhibit is Habit Heroes, an attraction that aimed to teach kids and their parents new habits that would leave to healthier living. Unfortunately, the characters used for the ‘Bad Habits’ (aka the villains) Disney chose to focus on really did border on the offensive.

Now is reporting that Disney will close Habit Heroes for for a retooling of its message. Disney officially says it’s closing just for some renovation work after a period of soft opening, but it sounds like this is something much more serious.

What do you think? Is Disney bowing to critical pressure or is this a change that needed to happen.


10 thoughts on “Attacked EPCOT Attraction Habit Heroes to Close?”

  1. Oh bother.
    Overall, I thought the concept sounded good, and we enjoyed the website. Some of the villains seemed like a bit of a stretch to be using. I do not know the content used at the park, but people being driven to tears at the bully factor, or “skinny heros saving people dumb enough to be fat” Really?! Is the world that PC, where everyone is a victim and you can’t label things as they are? I’m with Disney on this one as it was a good thing to try. If people were offended, then “truth hurts”. Don’t blame the messenger.

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  7. I agree with Rich, I understand it’s not nice to bully kids but I don’t think it was. I haven’t actually seen what was going on there, but I don’t think it was insulting a kid for being fat it was supporting that you should live a healthy lifestyle.

  8. I went on Habit Heroes and I thought it was so fun! But then again, I am not overweight and I work out. So I suppose if you are overweight and can barely get through the exercises then maybe you would get upset.

  9. It is too bad that no one is allowed to point out the endemic problem in the US with overweight people is in fact the lazy, slothful and unhealthy habits of the population. It is a minority who suffer because of genetic or medical conditions.

    No, I am not sensitive to the majority of fast food gobbling couch potatoes who bring the condition upon themselves, drive up medical costs, aggravate their conditions by getting handicapped tags (which doctors here hand out like candy) so they can walk even less distance to the Walmart where they can chow down on McDonalds while riding the complementary electric carts while they enage in their favorite pastime…grocery shopping.

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