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Minnie’s Fly Girls brings retro vibe to Condor Flats in DCA

Last week, a small show in the Condor Flats area of California Adventure premiered, officially turning over the leaf of the DCA re-do’s entertainment problem. “Minnie’s Fly Girls” has a very Pan-Am feel going for it. The premise, three “flight girls” and Lee, the mechanic, are waiting for Minnie to arrive at Condor Flats. They sing about flying, objects flying, you being able to fly somewhere, you get my drift. The show opens and closes with Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me,” there is also a medley about places to fly to (VERY INFECTIOUS!), a Walt Disney medley featuring “You Can Fly” and “Let’s Go Fly a Kite,” and the occasional inclusion of the title song of the show.

This show is everything you want in a Disney Parks show. Great cast, wonderful songs, medleys, and harmonies, a simple and easy to follow storyline, characters and humor. It is a VERY small show, the stage is only the size of an average apartment living room at the most, but it is so lovely that you don’t even care. I would give this show a (get ready for the Zenon term…) Stellenarious. If you have a chance, make sure to stop by the stage and check it out! Say Hi to Minnie for me.

This is the first articulated Minnie to premiere at the Disneyland resort. In the videos that I have watched, it looked great. I did see one of their first performance in which the mouth and eyes goofed up for a second, but they started working again very quickly. Overall though, you can’t say no to articulated character heads!

This is just the beginning of new DCA entertainment to evoke a time that has since passed. No more Cheap-O-Mania set in the “hip and edgy 2000’s.” Along with this will be two other confirmed shows that will give off a reminiscing feel of days that have gone by. “Five and Dime” will perform on Buena Vista Street and will be a group of 5 men and one woman (The Dime) singing songs of the 30’s and 40’s in the style of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. A new Newsies-esque (I just can’t help myself with the esque!) show that will perform on one of the new Red Car Trolleys periodically throughout the day doing song and dance numbers. Sounds like they know what they are doing compared to 2001 DCA.

Have you seen the Minnie’s Fly Girls show? What did you think? Anyone of the other new shows coming sound good? Would you rather just have Electronica taking over the entire park? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time…have a Magical day!

6 thoughts on “Minnie’s Fly Girls brings retro vibe to Condor Flats in DCA”

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  3. I saw the show the day it premiered. I enjoyed it. It was cute and fun! I liked the songs incorporated into the show, as well as some references to early Disney cartoons. Only thing I didn’t like was the location. With the temporary entrance nearby, it can be a bit of a squeeze in the area, but overall, it works. Once Buena Vista Street opens, it’ll relieve some of the heavy traffic through Condor Flats.

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  5. I agree with Roger. I also saw it the first weekend and the show was delightful. The only things that detracted were the crowds because of the entrance construction. Otherwise, it’s a winner!

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