Live at Walt Disney World? You can at Golden Oak Development

Golden Oak at Walt Disney World is a private development that gives you a slice of the magic. Now there is a computer generated video that shows not only how close you are to the magic kingdom, but what the community will look like.

Looks amazing, but it’s not cheap to get in. Prices start at $1.4 million and go up from there. I suspect it will become a place full of corporate owned houses where companies can write off the cost as entertainment for new clients or employees.

4 thoughts on “Live at Walt Disney World? You can at Golden Oak Development”

  1. You’re probably right about the corporate owned homes, but when a regular guy like me wins the lottery this is where I’ll be living!

  2. Me too! So, I’ll be purchasing this next week, since I’m gonna win the Powerball tomorrow ;) (A dream is a wish your heart makes)

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