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Wreck It Ralph Stills Released

Disney has released a few stills from its next animated feature “Wreck It Ralph.” Ralph is a video game bad guy who decides to see if there is more to life than what he experiences in his game.

Ralph decides that he can be a hero and finds his way into a game called Hero’s Bounty, headed by hero Sgt. Calhoun. Ralph jumps inside this game to fight off oncoming bugs but unleashes a terror that could destroy his whole arcade.

Finally, we have by what looks to be another world for Ralph to explore.

Very interesting. As you might expect in a film where the protagonist moves from video game to video game, it looks like visual style will shift greatly throughout the film. I have to say that none of these ‘wow’ me like the early stills from “Brave” did. But I am intrigued. The concept and the character have a lot of potential for some great story telling. Let’s hope Walt Disney Animation Studios hits this one out of the arcade.

Wreck It Ralph his theaters in November 2012.