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1957 Disneyland Film is a Treasure

The Disney History Institute scores big again with a vintage color film from 1957 Disneyland. DHI uses the same transfer process that Ken Burns does to get his amazing footage and the result is something with the truest and brightest colors I’ve ever seen from Disneyland’s early days.

Go read the original post where Todd J Pierce points out some of the amazingly cool things even I missed in these clip.

12 thoughts on “1957 Disneyland Film is a Treasure”

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  3. Look at how the guests are dressed! Can you imagine people dressing that nicely to go to the parks these days?

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  5. This film is a treasure, but there is no way it is a home movie. As a graduate of USC’s film school, I totally appreciate the artistry and focus necessary to produce this work. It’s great. It requires a lot of skill, even today. However, producing it required much, much more skill 50 years ago. It’s a great film, but let’s be honest: it’s a promotional film, produced by one of the world’s best companies. Even considering that, it’s a lot of fun to watch.

    1. Your right, this isn’t a home movie. On the site, Todd mentions that, “This video is taken from some 1957 pro-stock that I’ve owned for years. The transfer was done on a Spirit DataCine (i.e. the same machine that Ken Burns uses to transfer historic footage for his PBS documentaries). The entire reel is 20 minutes. These are the best clips, none of which have ever been shown in public.”

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