Newsies the Musicals Cast Profiles

With Newsies the Musical scheduled for a run on Broadway and Jeremy Jordan (currently staring in the film Joyful Noise) set to reprise his role of Jack Kelly it would seem that all is right with the world. And it is. To prove it the production has listed the cast and crew bios on the official website today. Looks like many of the original Paper Mill Playhouse cast is returning. That’s terrific. All we need now is an Original Broadway Cast Soundtrack recording.

Newsies begins March 15 for a limited 8 week run, so get your tickets now.

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  4. Yeah, closing in June just when school gets out? Never happen. Unless it gets really really really bad reviews. Which (excepting the choreography), I hear is a definite possibility. An 8 week run is simply to advertise that it’s ‘sold out’ (once it gets there) and to make it a hot ticket. Marketing 101. Limiting the supply will help make it a hot ticket and then make a big splash to announce that the show will extend due to popular demand. It’s not like Hugh Jackman who really was a limited run. It’s Disney. You don’t close a show if it’s hot & making money. And you do everything in your power to make it so. You don’t invest millions in a production on Broadway only to close the show after 8 or 12 weeks – that’s not serving your shareholders. You raise the profile of the show, thus serving your shareholders and try to make us believe it’s a limited run so we get our ticket as soon as they go on sale.

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