Cars’ Land Radiator Springs Racers – Pre Viz Video

It looks like someone has leaked the pre-visualization video built by Walt Disney Imagineering to demonstrate how a complete ride-through of the Radiator Springs Racers, the main attraction of Pixar’s Cars’ Land at California Adventure, will look, feel, and sound to a guest.

Not sure how long this will stay on the net, so get a good look now, if you don’t mind spoilers, that is.

Wow, there’s a lot more there then what we’ve seen being built so far. It appears that giant rockwork ridge of car shaped mountains has a purpose as one huge show building. Looks like they’ve assembled a great story too. Definitely can’t wait to go on the attraction now. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Cars’ Land Radiator Springs Racers – Pre Viz Video”

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  5. Those who have followed even the most basic of Disney commentary news knew from years ago that there was an enormous show building back there. Strange to write as though it is a mysterious surprise.

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