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Essential Theme Park Tools: MyBlueBoost Mobile Device Battery Charger

Introducing one of the new essential theme park tools almost every guest would benefit from – the MyBlueBoost portable, compact battery charger. It will power a mobile phone for 12-16 hours which makes it ideal for travel, long flights, busy airports, not to mention theme parks.

Any regular park visitor has a list in the back of their mind where to find open outlets to sneak a quick recharge of their phone. Sometimes we’ll even decide where to eat lunch based on whether or not there’s a table near an outlet in the seating are. With a device like MyBlueBoost that’s no longer a problem. Charge MyBlueBoost at home or in your hotel room and then take it with you as a back up to lengthen the life of your phone or other device.

We received a free unit to test and have been putting it through its paces for the last few weeks. What we liked about MyBlueBoost was how it charged both our Android and iPod devices. In fact, we were able to replenish two nearly depleted phones on one charge of the device. The recharge on the first phone was quick and the second phone charged almost completely, but it did take longer.

The blue bag makes it convenient to carry around as well. You’ll want to make sure you order the package that contains the correct cords to recharge your mobile device.

The look of the device is a bit unrefined when compared to some other portable batter rechargers and the stockiness makes it awkward to carry around if you have to walk and recharge simultaneously, which is something we did frequently when visiting the theme parks with MyBlueBoost.

Price for this device starts around $40.00 and is available on the Smart Geek Products website.