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Disney Parks readies Augmented Reality Experience in Times Square

This weekend New Yorkers, and a couple thousand lucky tourists, are in for a special Disney treat – Disney Parks is bringing a unique interactive experience to Times Square with a brand-new augmented reality play space. Guests will be able to engage live on screen with Disney characters on the 6-story tall, state-of-the-art digital display above the Disney Store.

Each person who participates has the chance to interact with a wide variety of characters doing an array of activities. For example, a dance-off with Donald or a duel with Captain Hook. Once the interaction is complete, the participant poses for a photo which is sent to them immediately via email.

As you can see here, Disney is also taking advantage of some of the giant advertising screens in Times Square to drive home the point that a magical vacation in Walt Disney World is just a few hours away.

How cool would it be to see something like this at Downtown Disney? It may not be the holographic shark from Back to The Future II, but it’s close.

Update: Here’s a promotional video showing more variations on the concept:

and one video snapped by Twitter user @MikeNJD: