Two New Videos of Talking Mickey

On Halloween, Disney released an official video of Mickey Mouse talking to guests at Town Square Theater. It appears that Disney is still testing this new form of interactivity, as guest-made videos are now starting to appear. It’s nice to see that Mickey’s interactions are still spot on even without the “filter” of the official parks blog; he barely misses a beat! Take a look for yourself:

One more from our friends at Touring Plans below the jump:

10 thoughts on “Two New Videos of Talking Mickey”

  1. That looks amazing and looks like so much fun, but I think I’m still undecided
    if I REALLY like the talking mouse. Is the Big Cheese only making appearances during the ticketed parties?

  2. I’m still not sure how I feel about a talking Mickey. This might be because I’m shy and I may become starstruck or something. Do you think everyone feels that way, and that’s why it’s always a little awkward? Like “Oh gee, Mickey is talking to me!! What do I do!?” I’m really looking forward to how this is all going to work.

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  6. I saw him at the convention and have to admit, though I had been waiting (in general) to see “talking” Mickey, I was a little starstuck, til I got up there and He “started” the convo…. Cuz thats what Disney Does…. But I have to also admit, that everytime I see one of these videos for some reason, it brings a tear to my eyes and I just know Walt would be sooo happy and would have sooo much fun with “HIS” Mickey…

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  9. Wow. That’s amazing. I agree with the whole starstruck thing…like, what would I say if Mickey started talking to me?! But for the kids that aren’t as shy or used to a non-talking Mickey, it could be REALLY great. He really doesn’t miss a single beat…truly incredible.

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