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Disney to launch Children’s Magazine for Maker Kids

After hearing about Disney’s new magazine FamilyFun Kids, I was actually a bit surprised that Disney had not yet put out a magazine that taps into the growing consumer demand for projects you can do at home yourself. Families I talk with, including ours, are always looking for things they can do together that gets them away from the computer or the television and into the realm of creativity and imagination, but doesn’t have the expense of a full-fledged vacation. FamilyFun Kids appears to be targeted to that niche.

Disney Publishing Worldwide, the world’s largest publisher of children’s books and magazines, announced the launch of FamilyFun Kids, a new, bi-monthly magazine that encourages kids’ creativity with hands-on crafts, skill-building recipes, imaginative games, brainteasers, and puzzles. The magazine, geared to 6- to 12-year-olds, was created by the staff of Disney FamilyFun magazine, which millions of moms turn to each month for creative family ideas. Like its parent magazine, FamilyFun Kids is packed with fun things to read, but is also specifically designed to be a tactile, interactive experience for children with pages they can cut, fold, tear out, and decorate.

“Many studies show that creative thinking is critical for kids to develop as students and thinkers, yet unfortunately, U.S. creativity scores are declining, and arts programs are being cut,” says Editorial Director, Ann Hallock. “FamilyFun Kids is designed to spark creative thinking in children by giving them ideas and inspiration to make and do things on their own. There is no magazine out there doing this – and we know parents really crave this kind of creative support for their kids.”

The first issue of this hands-on magazine features a playful voice, step-by-step photos and diagrams, ideas from real kids, sneak peeks of great new books, special “art break” pages, where readers can use their imaginations, and even a fold-out-and-use fortune teller. Content will include brand-new activities in addition to favorite ideas from FamilyFun’s 20 years of archives, re-worked so kids can do them on their own. FamilyFun Kids magazine is the latest addition to a successful cluster of five premium children’s subscription magazines launched in the U.S. by Disney Publishing Worldwide. FamilyFun Kids is available for $23.94 for a year subscription (6 issues), and on newsstands for $4.99 per issue. Subscribe to FamilyFun Kids via this link and The Disney Blog will receive a small commission, for which we thank you.

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  1. This seems like a long time coming, and a good idea. My son grew up a Lego builder, as well as a Disney World fan. Something like this would have been right down his alley.

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