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Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland

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Suddenly, it’s much closer to Halloween than I am ready for. How did that happen? We have a lot of decorating and spooky business left to attend to, but at least we’ve got Disneyland’s Mickey’s Halloween Party under our belt (belt not included with costume).

If you want to visit the Disneyland Resort and enjoy the event for yourself, then you need to hurry — there are only a few nights left! Also, you should know that the event requires its own ticket, but don’t fret — admission to Mickey’s Halloween Party actually allows ticket holders to enter Disneyland a few hours prior to the park closing (the Halloween event happens after the park is closed) so that they can enjoy a bit more of the magic. Most rides are open during Mickey’s Halloween Party.

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One of the best things about the Halloween event is that it allows adults to get in the Disney spirit.  Kids are able to wear costumes to Disneyland whenever they please (assuming it also pleases their parents), but adults are not allowed to do so. I know, we’ve all seen some adult characters in the parks, but that’s actually their normal thing. Don’t judge. The beauty of Mickey’s Halloween Party is that everyone can dress up, even the adults, and they do!

Families dress as the characters from their favorite Disney movie, superhero team, television show, etc. — the originality and cleverness that people put into their costumes is pretty darn impressive. However, you don’t need to be a costume designer to enjoy the fun. You don’t even need to dress up, but come on, why wouldn’t you?

Mickey’s Halloween Party offers the opportunity to take photos with your favorite Disney Villains and other Disney characters in their own Halloween costumes. There are special treat stations (candy and healthy options) throughout the park for all of your trick or treating needs (Disney doesn’t run out of candy!), live music and dance parties (Buzz Lightyear’s Intergalactic Space Jam in Tomorrowland Terrace, and Piratepalooza in the Ranch del Zocalo Restaurante), plus lots more fun for boys and girls of all ages.

There is also a Halloween parade called Mickey’s Costume Party Cavalcade, and holiday-themed attractions like the very awesome Haunted Mansion Holiday with a Nightmare Before Christmas overlay (not scary) and the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy (pretty scary!). As I stated above, most of the other attractions in Disneyland are also open for guests to enjoy.

The highlight of the event, as far as my family was concerned, was the Halloween Screams Firework Spectacular (below). It was one of the best fireworks displays I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few.

It makes for a late night.

Photos: W. Honea

Disclaimer: My family and I were guests of Disneyland for the Mickey’s Halloween Party event.

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