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The Chinese clone It’s A Small World

Warning watching the following video may induce nausea and nightmares. The dolls look like zombies and the song is extra creepy plus those lights. Ow.

There actually two of them in China. the above is Suzhou Amusementland and the one below the jump is from the Jin Jaing Action Park.

I give the second one credit for at least not attempting to be a direct lift of Disney’s classic attraction.

Thanks, I guess, to Themeparkreview for providing these nightmares. Mary Blair and Alice Davis should sue!

19 thoughts on “The Chinese clone It’s A Small World”

  1. That was creepily interesting. Thanks for posting. But also disturbing was hearing the host using curse words infront of the little girl. ewww

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  8. I hope Dick and Bob are getting their money from the use of their song, but I’m not sure why anyone could think they could top Disney at their own product. This is like buying the generic brand instead of the good product.

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  15. Really China? really?

    The ironic part about all this is that China isn’t even represented in the Walt Disney World version of “It’s a Small World”. We just returned from there two days ago and rode it a few times. I specifically looked for China but there are no China dolls and there is no Chinese in the “goodbye” wall.
    Disneyland Anaheim has a small nod to China though.

    1. China is actually represented in WDW It’s A Small World. There’s a section where the oriental figures are ‘flying’ kites. This section represents China, as they are the ones who created the kite. Keep an eye out for them next time!

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