Disney Vacation Club Shakeup

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that former Disney Vacation Club President Jim Lewis was let go by the Walt Disney Company on Friday. Lewis had led Disney’s time-share arm since 2006. While Lewis presided over a controversial expansion of DVC locations across WDW and a general reduction in benefits to DVC members, he also saw the first units in Anaheim and Hawaii. We wish him luck where ever he lands.

There are reports that sales had slowed for DVC units at WDW. I think that’s understandable given the general belt tightening going on in the weak economy. Slow sales certainly aren’t preventing Disney from building more units. Walls are up and equipment poised to move in on the next DVC tower, this time at the Grand Floridian.

On the various discussion boards, so take it with a small grain of salt, word is that a paperwork screw up and lack of appropriate follow up from Lewis could potentially derail the DVC portion of Aulani, the new resort in Hawaii. It probably won’t get that bad, but Disney was selling timeshare units before all the proper paperwork was filed.

No one likes to see low sales numbers; ultimately someone has to be responsible. It’s also likely that Lewis was a victim of the general shakeup that’s related to the re-organization of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts division. New division chief Tom Staggs has long been unhappy with the structure of that division and has already begun to implement major changes.

Frankly, I would not surprised if more heads roll as Staggs wraps his head around exactly how bad things have become at Walt Disney World and the Disney Parks division.

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  6. The DVC guide I met with at Aulani told me Wednesday they are going on two weeks of not being able to sell units, due to holdups with the paperwork and state regulations. That right there is a problem worth someone getting in trouble for, I would think!

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  10. “Frankly, I would not surprised if more heads roll as Staggs wraps his head around exactly how bad things have become at Walt Disney World and the Disney Parks division.”

    Can you say more about that?

  11. I can confirm from my Aulani visit this weekend that all sales are halted and they are asking potential clinets to sign up on a list for $1,000.00 (fully refundable) at the current pricing. Once sales resume they may raise prices. I would not be suprised that the graand opening will happen before sales resume.
    Oh, P.S. I have a cool pix and videos from this weekend posted on my website!

  12. It’s about time Jim Lewis was fired. He should be sent right to jail, the thief. We have been members since 2003, and all we have experienced is everything being taken away! My kids use to enjoy putting channel 99 on, it was the Mickey cartoon channel and that thief even took that away, HOW SAD! He better pay restitution not only to Disney but to everyone who bought into DVC.
    Claire, I hope you are going to listen to all of us disgruntled owners because right now there is nothing good about DVC. All the perks all the advantages of being members hopefully will return under your reign otherwise what is the use?!

  13. Maybe now, our rooms can actually be clean when we come down for a vacation!
    Forgot to mention how completely gross the rooms would be most of the time, and I pay big time dues for why? oh yeah, so crooks like Jim Lewis can take my money and keep for himself! thanks for firing the loser!

  14. These things are seldom arbitrary or capricious. If Jim got whacked it was probably long in coming and well deserved. I’m sure he parachutes away from the mouse with a package that would choke a horse. Hopefully the new brass will recognize the value of a membership group that invests in the Disney experience and see it as something worthy of courting, rather than just looking at it as a cash cow like Jim did.

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