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Cirque du Soleil show “ZED” Ending Run at Tokyo Disney Resort

Fans of Cirque du Soleil shows will want to find their way to the Tokyo Disney Resort before the end of the year. “ZED” is closing at the end of 2011. The show has been performing to less than full houses since it opened in 2008, but the after affects of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami combo, turned out to be the final nail in the coffin.

Oriental Land Company said this in a statement:

“It is with regret… that due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the business environment for this theatre has greatly changed. Based on a review of the expected results and the long-term viability of the show, it was mutually agreed that the business environment would remain extremely difficult. Therefore it was decided to close the show.”

Although both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are back open after the quake, certain aspects of the parks are still operating at reduced hours to help with Japan’s energy conservation needs after the quake.

If Disney or OLC wants to make use of the Cirque du Soleil show’s theater, they’ll be faced with the challenge of modifying an arena constructed specifically for this show. It’s also unlikely “ZED” would move to Orlando as many of the show elements won’t fit in the more intimate La Nouba theater.

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  5. The show closing has come at a great time for the Struggling “Viva Elvis” at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Cirque & MGM Resorts have circulated an internal memo that states Viva Elvis will close just after the 1st of the year and will combine many elements of “ZED” into “Viva Elvis”, making “Viva Elvis” less biographical and more about the music of Elvis. The cast of “Viva Elvis” has been told to expect a dark period of no less than 6 months while the shows are combined and re-tooled. “Viva Elvis” has had a hard time selling out the large venue and the theater is less of a Cirque theater and more like a Broadway sized venue. The new show should satisfy the people who are looking for more acrobatics and less dance, and make the show more exciting to a broader audience.

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