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The Morning Report – Wednesday Wrap Up

Been a while since I did one of these. But I have a lot of open tabs that need to be closed, so here we go.

  • A woman who was injured when the small watercraft her husband was piloting collided with a passenger ferry in the Downtown Disney area is suing Disney for not ensuring her husband was properly trained on how to use the watercraft. Good luck with that.
  • Even The Worst Retro Walt Disney World Trip Report Ever has great nostalgia factor. It’s not even really that bad.
  • Have a Snow White sticker for your Apple laptop? How about Zombie Snow White?  Or Goth Snow White? More great Etsy finds from CoolHunting.
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios may or may not be reviving King of the Elves. I hope they are, the story sounds like a perfect modern day fairytale.
  • CNN trots out the semi-annual post that proclaims 8 secrets about Disneyland. Disney fans probably know most of these, but the article is fun reading just for seeing what CNN gets right and wrong. For instance, Walt Disney World and Disneyland are two different resorts.

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2 thoughts on “The Morning Report – Wednesday Wrap Up”

  1. Thanks for doing this Wednesday Wrap Up! And thanks for including Your Highway in the Sky!

    While at the beach this past weekend, knowing I’m such a big Disney fan, family members kept asking if I had read that CNN article. Like you said, Disney fans mostly know all this already, but I did have fun reading it.

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