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ABC shifts to more Daytime Talk

I know I’m opening myself up to a lot of comments about how horrible Disney/ABC is by canceling two long running soap operas. As much as I understand why those fans are upset, I think that ship has sailed. Instead of complaining to Disney, they should have spent the last two years getting their friends to give up the online crack that is Farmville and related games. That’s what killed the soap opera, not Disney/ABC.

Disney/ABC has come up with a show concept it thinks will peel people away from Facebook and back to the TV, or at least be more affordable to produce, so that it makes financial sense based on the numbers they can draw. That formula is the daytime talk show.

One of these appears to be a combination of Rachel Ray and The View. It’s called ‘The Chew’ and it debuts in September. This lifestyle show will play in the kitchen each and every afternoon, as “The Chew” celebrates and explores life through food. Bringing together a diverse panel of co-hosts that includes restaurateurs and “Iron Chef” stars Mario Batali and Michael Symon, entertaining expert Clinton Kelly, “Top Chef” alum Carla Hall and health & wellness enthusiast Daphne Oz, “The Chew” promises to bring viewers smart and intelligent talk that engages the audience in a daily dose of food, life and fun with conversations about everything from cooking, holidays and home entertaining to food trends like food trucks and urban gardens.

What do you think? Putting aside any hard feelings about Disney canceling the soaps, will you watch?

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