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Backstage with Pirates of the Caribbean Maintenance Team

Disneyland has just released their latest video in the “Every Role a Starring Role” look at backstage and how the magic gets made. Good stuff, exactly what I want from the parks… of course I want more. This video that features maintaining Pirates of the Caribbean is too short for my tastes.

Those guys hold your life in their hands. So say thanks next time you see them walk by.

6 thoughts on “Backstage with Pirates of the Caribbean Maintenance Team”

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  2. I agree – these guys do an amazing job, I would have love to seen more. My cousin is a machinist who has worked at Disneyland for 10 years. I love hearing the stories he tells about the crazy things that happen behind the scenes. Those guys and gals work their tails off to make sure the guests have an amazing (and safe) experience.

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