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The Big Thunder Mountain Defense works in Court

“Thunder Mountain is a very fast, frightening roller coaster ride. After being on there Ramplin was terrified and worried there was going to be an accident and all of a sudden memories of the accident when he was ten came flooding back.”

With those words George Ramplin’s attorney managed to convince a judge that post-traumatic stress from riding Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris caused a postal-carrier to relapse into a state of thievery and steal 15 parcels instead of delivering them. Instead of jail time, he’ll just get probation and community service.

Other lawyers should take note. Perhaps try an ‘it’s a small world’ defense for abusing children, “I’m sorry your honor, after riding that ride, I was just afraid that the child would break out in that horrible song.” Or the Space Mountain defense, “No, you honor. I did not realize that I was driving so fast, I had a flashback to Space Mountain and thought I was being hurdled through outer space in the pitch dark.”

Gee, this if fun. Add your own attraction related defense in the comments!

(via Telegraph)