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Disney’s Contemporary Resort adding Health and Wellness Floor

Beginning November 2011 Disney’s Contemporary Resort will give guests yet another option to customize their dream vacations with Walt Disney World’s first health and wellness suites, combining the magic and fun of Disney theme parks with healthy and relaxing amenities at the deluxe resort.

This seems like the perfect fit for the Contemporary and will fit in well with the already modern room designs and amenities available to patrons. They will be replacing just the 14th floor, so it’s not a huge portion of the hotel given over to this concept, but it could be expanded later if it becomes popular.

Check below the jump for an interesting interview with a Disney representative who provides many more details about the new concept:

So what do you think? Is this something you would be interested in booking in the future? What would you be willing to pay as a mark-up to the usual nightly rate?

3 thoughts on “Disney’s Contemporary Resort adding Health and Wellness Floor”

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  2. This whole concept really sets my teeth on edge. “Health and wellness” is not a “lifestyle” choice—it’s something everyone deserves. But apparently Disney thinks only people who can afford a $$$ concierge suite should have access to healthier rooms with things like VOC-free paint and chemical-free linens.

    1. Good point there. I think Disney does some of those other things in their regular rooms too, especially as they’re remodeling. I don’t fault Disney for trying to get money out of the upper crust while they can, as long as they don’t elevate the cost for value resorts at the same time.

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