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Disney to release ‘Planes’ Direct to DVD in 2013

A few months ago there was some talk of an animated tv show set in the world of Pixar’s Cars but focusing instead on the life of aircraft. Looks like that rumor was almost true. It’s not a TV show, but instead a direct-to-DVD and Blu-Ray release from DisneyToon Studios, Not Pixar or Disney Feature Animation.

Disney Planes is set in the same world as Pixar’s Cars and looks to have a ‘little plane that could’ storyline. There’s an underpowered prop-jet competing against super-powered jet fighters. The trailer kinda reminds me of Top Gun a bit (which I’m sure is intentional).

What do you think? What other similar films set in the world of Cars would you like to see? Tanks? Trucks? Boats?

11 thoughts on “Disney to release ‘Planes’ Direct to DVD in 2013”

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  3. Why direct to DVD? If you collaborate with the creators of Mike Da Mustang you would have an instant success! The 5 minute vid they made went viral on the internet and could be a huge franchise if the right people did something with it. Look them up!!

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