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Pirates 4: Finds additional treasure box office, #1 again internationally

Update: The figures from The Hollywood Reporter appear to be international numbers. Domestically the box office was only $39 million which is only good for 3rd place.

In the battle of Pirates, Pals, and Pandas the terrors of the high seas have won out. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides second weekend box office total of $123 million, forecast by The Hollywood Reporter, places it number one in the box office for its second week.

On Stranger Tides passed the $600 million worldwide box office mark in only 12 days with a accumulated total of $623.7 million. This makes the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel 2011’s biggest-grossing title globally, and the best hit for Disney (of course). I guess that means I better get out to the theater and see it now.