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Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry Rocks with Goofy at Disney World

Sometimes when a celebrity visits Walt Disney World they don’t really know what attraction to showcase him or her infront of. But when the guitarist from Aerosmith, Joe Perry, visits, it’s a no-brainer – Rock-n-Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith, of course. Here he is with an odd looking Goofy (is that a flight jacket?)

Perry was also kind enough to post with some fans inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I think that’s great. I have a no autograph policy when celebrities are in the parks. I think they should be allowed to enjoy the experience just like any other guest. The exception to that is when they’re invited guests at an event or doing an official function. What are your rules for approaching celebrities in the parks?

(Photos courtesy Disney, Gene Duncan photographer)

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  3. Hey I actually saw him there! I knew it was a guitarist from a band (which I thought was Aerosmith) but I couldn’t remember which one.

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