Cast Member Injured in Fall at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Local news is reporting that a cast member at Disney’s Animal Kingdom was injured this morning in a fall at the park. The cast member was taken to the hospital after complaining about hip pain. So far no word on where the fall occurred.

The Disney blog wishes a full and speedy recovery. More news on this incident as it becomes available.

10 thoughts on “Cast Member Injured in Fall at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. Oh my this is really starting to get out of control, I never post on sites or blogs, but common now. People fall and things happen! There are bigger things happening in orlando and the country as a whole. It seems to me that the media in florida has a beef with disney. you never hear anything at universal or sea world. Next we will be hearing that someone has sneezed with there eyes open and they popped out of their head and somehow it is disney’s fault! someone fell not good but, people fall and it’s not always disney’s or a companies fault.

    1. I would like to make the point that no one has claimed either of these recent incidents was Disney’s fault. Nor do we have a beef with Disney. Instead, I’m just reporting these events because of their newsworthiness. I try to stick to the facts as much as possible and label any conjecture on my part. There is some value to encouraging guest safety through awareness. As a frequent visitor to Disney’s theme parks, I see injuries of all sorts all the time. I had a close friend witness a guest die on the sidewalk in front of City Hall. But because it did not rise to the level of newsworthiness (in this case because it was a pre-existing condition, unrelated to an attraction, not a cast member, and not reported in the news) I did not report on it.

      One of the reasons you don’t hear much about injuries from SeaWorld and Universal is that they don’t report injures. Universal has only just begun reporting them quarterly. We still get almost no info from SeaWorld. The OrlandoSentinel puts as much pressure on them as they can, but the parks have a gigantic influence on the State Government level and the law says reporting is voluntary.

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  3. Kris, I somewhat agree. Until there is more information available as to how the CM fell, this isn’t news. If it is related to an attraction, poor maintenance, CM error, etc. than report that. If the person slipped on a wet floor, it happens, move on.

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  9. I happened to be at AK on Monday when this occurred and saw the EMT’s rolling in a stretcher. They weren’t in too much of a hurry so I would assume that the injury was fairly minor.

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