AMC Downtown Disney 24 Preview Night for The Disney Blog readers

Hey Orlando area peeps. Want to take in a free movie and try the new Dine-In service at the AMC Downtown Disney 24 Theater before it opens to the public on May 16th? Then check out this special offer for The Disney Blog’s readers.

You can make reservations right now for special preview screenings on May 13th. Download this PDF of preview screenings with click-able links. Click on the time for the show you want to see to make reservations, then print out the coupon for a free appetizer with entree order. That’s all it takes to be in like Flynn.

While you’re there be sure to check in on Gowalla and add their fancy stamp to your collection.

Previously: AMC Dine-In coming to Downtown Disney Orlando.

8 thoughts on “AMC Downtown Disney 24 Preview Night for The Disney Blog readers”

  1. Wow, thanks a lot! I was able to get tickets to the Karate Kid. I can’t wait to try the new dining at the theatre!

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  6. I got to go a few days ago– it’s AMAZING. We had queso and chips, which were decent and chicken fried steak, which was surprisingly good, about the same quality as most chain restaurants and some of the most delicious cupcakes I think I’ve ever had. The prices are about the same as a Chili’s or something, though the drinks are a little expensive, and the seats are amaaaaazing.

    If the tickets are more expensive than the regular ones, I don’t know how often I’d make the deliberate choice to go — but it’s definitely what I’d pick for a “dinner and a movie” option.

    I only had two complaints – our cupcakes came while we were in the middle of dinner, still. Not an issue for cupcakes (which might be why they went ahead and brought them) but if we had ordered something with ice cream, it would have been melted to slush well before we got to it. They also never once asked if we needed refills on sodas, though my other friends got asked if they needed more alcoholic beverages twice.

    But everything else about the experience was spot on. If you can do this while they’re doing the preview shows, gogogogo.

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