Dancing with the Stars: Week Three Results

Last night, Kirstie and Maks tumbled to the floor … but will they be the ones to fall tonight? Unlikely, despite how many times that incident was mentioned. The scores were tight last night, but as we know – the ballroom shows no mercy.

Hines and Kym were given the encore, and a ticket to safety. Backstage, Sugar Ray claimed his routine was the biggest comeback in his life, which seems like a good candidate for Overstatement of the Year. Must be the girly shoes talking. However, Sugar Ray and Anna were safe, as were the ill-received Romeo and Chelsie.

OneRepublic was the evening’s first musical guest, accompanied by a sultry performance from Lacey and Dmitry. So You Think You Can Dance alumni, holla! Speaking of Dmitry, he and Petra were safe.

The first couple in jeopardy? Wendy and Tony. Anyone surprised? No? Moving on.

Because we viewers go craaazy for backstage footage, our stars were given cameras to show us what really happens offstage. The results were … not that interesting, but Hines did take his son to Disneyland. Castle sighting FTW!

Disney sweetheart (and darn good pop singer) Selena Gomez was the second musical guest, singing her new single, “Who Says.” I’m a big Wizards of Waverly Place fan, and I think in a couple years, Selena is going to be Hollywood’s new It Girl. So, nice to see her tonight.

More results: Chelsea and Mark were safe, while Kendra and Louis were in jeopardy. And then a weekly montage treated us to What The Pros Think About The Competition. Basically, everyone loves everyone and all the stars are really good. Yawn.

OneRepublic returned to sing my favorite song of theirs, “All the Right Moves.” It wasn’t a great live performance, but anything is better than Chris Brown amiright?

Final round of results: Ralph/Karina and Kirstie/Maks were safe, leaving Chris/Cheryl in jeopardy. And then, to the surprise of no one, Wendy and Tony were sent packing.

Next week is the first-ever Classical Week, which should be interesting. See you then!

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