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Run for Dawn’s Dream on April 16th

Today most of the major news channels covered the story of Tilikum’s return to live performances at SeaWorld Orlando. Tilikum was involved in the tragic death of a trainer just over a year ago. That tragedy resulted in huge changes for the Shamu show at all SeaWorld locations, including the removal of trainers from being in the water at the same time as the Killer Whales.

From tragedy, rises the possibility of hope. In this case hope is represented through the Dawn Brancheau Foundation, named after the trainer who lost her life doing what she loved. The foundation is being run by family members, and although it has had some help from SeaWorld, it could use your help to get its first year off to a tremendous star.

This April 16th the Dawn’s Dream Big 5K will run through SeaWorld Orlando. You can enter for just $25 and choose to either run 5K, walk 1 mile, or just donate to support the cause. Register today to show your support for this great cause.

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