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Monorail Pilot Family’s Lawsuit Against Disney Voluntarily Dismissed

The wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Walt Disney World resort over the death of a monorail pilot on July 5th 2009 has been voluntarily dismissed by the pilot’s family. This is very likely a sign that a settlement has been reached between Disney and the family, although details of the dismissal are private.

The family was understandably upset that Disney’s procedures allowed for a WDW transportation manager to call signals from an off-site location instead of a spot where visible confirmation could be made. That has now been fixed. Disney has made other changes to Monorail operations since then as well.

Although the family likely faced an uphill battle in court, if this is a settlement, that’s a good thing. I think Disney, via the actions of its employees and the lack of effectual safety procedures, was clearly in the wrong here and hope they’ve done what the family and the memory of the pilot deserves.

Update: Disney acknowledges there is a settlement. But the details remain secret.


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