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Fun Finds: New Disney Candy in the Parks

For me, part of the magic of a Disney Vacation is discovering what delicious treat is available that wasn’t on my last trip. This weekend I found a whole new line of very creative Disney themed candy. I love the names and the package design that went into creating this line. The price is too close to movie theater candy for my taste, but I will definitely be trying these sweets as the opportunity arises.

I found 13 different varieties. See close-ups of each box below the jump:

7 thoughts on “Fun Finds: New Disney Candy in the Parks”

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  2. We first saw these on the DISNEY DREAM when we sailed 2/13 and hubby immediately fell in love with the monorail psedo-Peanut-M&M’s. Since the candy’s still in its uneaten state, it’s the BOX he loves, not the innards!

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