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Tokyo Disneyland Earthquake Damage Video

Surfing around for some of the most illustrative videos of the damage in and around Tokyo Disneyland I’ve found the following samples. Evidence of damage like this just outside the gates of the parks, makes you wonder what it looks like inside the parks. I’d love to see video of that.

This appears to be from the welcome plaza near a monorail station:

More damage from near Tokyo Disneyland Maihama-Station. The workers appear to be shoveling away the silt formed after liquefaction in the area. :

More below the jump, including a video inside Tokyo DisneySea moments after the quake:

Inside Tokyo DisneySea shortly after the first quake. Lot’s of confusion and a very brave cast member trying to calm everyone:

Wow, someone needs to find that Cast Member and give her a bonus.

The walk home of a Disney cast member after the quake. Lots of damage evident in the neighborhood:

Previously: Video of Tokyo DisneySea Tower of Terror attraction swaying in aftershock.

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