Annette Funicello in hospital after fire nearly destroys her home

Mouseketeer and actress Annette Funicello has been hospitalized due to smoke inhalation after an early-morning fire at her Encino, CA home. 68 year old Funicello was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the late 1980s and has been rumored to be in poor health recently.

Also transported to the hospital were her husband and nurse. Thankfully, all are said to be in good condition.

Our best wishes go out to Annette and the others injured in the fire. Since we know everyone is safe, I’m allowing a few moments of heartbreak thinking about the amazing Disney memorabilia that probably perished in the fire.

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  7. Our Prayers go with you, Annette. Many thousands of us grew up with you and feel as if you are family. Keep strong.

    Dave Burgett

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