Reserve Rides From Home: Coming soon to Disney parks

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Today Tom Staggs, the chief of Disney’s Parks and Resorts, told investors that one feature of the coming “Next Gen” technology (reportedly costing $1B in sum) will be the ability to reserve ride times, show times, and meetings with characters from home, the way you can do it now for restaurants.

This will go a long way toward addressing the top complaints (long lines, missing ‘key’ attractions), but it will come at a cost. The entire vacation will have to be planned out in exacting detail – this will change the entire tenor of the experience.

(John here…) I am more impressed with the capability of NextGen technology to enhance a guest’s in-park experience (personalization, on the spot recommendations (Ex. I want to be notified when the queue for Space Mountain drops below 20 minutes), gamification, etc) than the ability to make reservations for rides or shows months in advance. Technically you can do that now with QR codes and a scanner at the attraction. I wonder why Staggs chose not to emphasize the really cool parts of NextGen Tech.