Vanessa Hudgens goes Beastly at Disney World

Another celebrity was spotted at Walt Disney World this weekend. Actress/singer Vanessa Hudgens posed Feb. 13, 2011 with the “Beast” from Disney’s animated film “Beauty and the Beast” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park at Walt Disney World Resort. Hudgens’ co-stars in the upcoming motion picture “Beastly,” which will be released in theaters March 4, 2011. (Photo Courtesy Disney. Todd Anderson, photographer)

5 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens goes Beastly at Disney World”

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  3. I spotted her in Epcot on the ride test track on the 14th. She was wearing the same boots only she was in a cheetah print hat and sunglasses. She was also with three other people it looked like her mom, her dad, and another person either her sister or a friend. She came in the back entrance and security let her in right in front of us! She then said “Yes yes very nice” in a weird accent. Although we did wait an hour just to get to the front of the line it was worth it to see her.

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