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Asimo robot from Disneyland’s Innoventions turned into NextGen Segway?

Honda’s got a new Segway-like device, called the U3-X, with uses just one wheel and lets rider sit (rather than stand). Here’s a video example. It can move sideways and diagonally, just by leaning. At $650, this electric unicycle is a lot cheaper than the $5,000 Segway.

The Disney connection is that the technology used here was created for the ASIMO robot at Innoventions in Disneyland. More information here.

Disney World has been fighting the introduction of regular Segways into the theme parks, and these cases continue to make their way through the courts (though a small victory last week appeared to go to the side wanting to force Disney to allow such devices in the theme parks). The addition of still more such devices will be certain to cloud the legal issues.