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Woman Dies After Riding Prince Charming Regal Carousel

If the above headline is something you expect for a more thrilling ride, like say Mission:Space, don’t worry. The 77-year old woman died of a pre-existing heart condition after riding the recently renamed carousel. State safety officials won’t be requiring lap bars for the horses just yet. On the other hand the carousel was also the scene of a busted hip on a 71-year old woman. So who knows?

Those two injuries were among the 24 reported by Disney World for all of 2010. I don’t know about you, but I see that many EMTs in the parks myself. So something is getting under reported here. Disney is still reporting better that the other theme parks in this voluntary process.

(via the Orlando Sentinel)

4 thoughts on “Woman Dies After Riding Prince Charming Regal Carousel”

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  2. The Alpha Units (EMTs) are very swift — even through my work at the parks, I rarely saw them myself. And if I did happen to see them, they were gone minutes later.

    I do know EMTs being called is a daily occurrence, but what criteria fits a “reported” incident is unknown to me.

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  4. Yeah, it depends on the definition of a reported incident. I myself have called EMTs several times for guests, but mainly for guests fainting from dehydration and once even for a young girl who tripped and got a bloody nose. (Her parents were worried when her nose wouldn’t stop bleeding.)

    So EMTs are in the parks for lots of things, just not necessarily for big injuries.

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