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Walt Disney World not able to ban Segways Yet says DOJ

Just read an excellent indepth analysis of the current status of the class action lawsuit seeking to allow disabled patrons the ability to use their Segway mobility devices inside Disney’s theme parks. When last we left this story, the two parties had agreed to seek a settlement that would allow Disney to create a device that allowed guests to stand like on a Seway, but feature a longer and wider four wheel base which Disney considers safer for in park use.

Unfortunately for Disney, the Department of Justice objects to the reasoning behind that potential agreement and has issued revised guidelines that would suggest Disney can’t issue a blanket ban on the Segway in the parks. But don’t ride off to the parks on your Segway just yet. DOJ actually has conflicting advice on how to interpret the Americans With Disability act.

The whole thing is a mess really. But Jack Burgin over on the DISunplugged blog does a really good job unpacking the red tape and court records. Keep an eye out for more court rulings soon.

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