Disney Dream has near collision with another ship

The Disney Dream sailed on its inaugural voyage today. But that cruise almost didn’t happen. A passenger on a nearby ship caught video of the two ships coming perilously close to colliding.

Although this video was just posted today, this incident happened back before the Christening cruise when the Disney Dream was performing test maneuvers. The video comes from a camera of a passenger on the Monarch of the Seas who was on deck during the mandatory muster drill. As they watched the Disney Dream turn around and get closer the crew started to get worried including the end of this video where you see them forcing the video off. The passenger reports that the two ships came within one foot of hitting and that the harbor master later said the Dream was not authorized to move at that time.

There’s more to this story, but first here’s some of the video:

The Orlando Sentinel has more details on this scary moment.

4 thoughts on “Disney Dream has near collision with another ship”

  1. While the video looks pretty dramatic, I’m not convinced this really amounts to anything. I could easily see where a close clearance could look scary from the POV of a passenger filming from the deck even if the Dream’s crew and captain were completely aware of the distances and fully under control, as the DCL spokesperson said was the case in the Sentinel article.

    It kind of seems to me that the important part of this story is that the ships didn’t collide. :)

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