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Man Killed after Being Hit by Disney Bus

It wouldn’t be the last week of 2010 without another incident involving the Walt Disney World transportation system. This time it was another serious tragedy with a guest losing their life. A guest in the Port Orleans parking lot was struck by a Disney bus and died later at the hospital. Initial reports indicate that the bus driver was not at fault as the guest entered the path of the bus without a crosswalk and where the bus had the right of way.

Walt Disney Resort President Meg Crofton has issued the following brief statement following the accident.

“We offer our deepest condolences to the guests’ family and loved ones. We are doing all we can for them during this difficult time.”

The accident occurred in the parking lot of the Port Orleans resort on one of the busiest days of the year for Walt Disney World. No passengers on the bus were injured.

No one goes to Walt Disney World with the expectation of tragedy and yet it’s a big resort with a lot of guests and not every thing can be made pre-school safe. Our condolences go out to the family of the guest who was killed.

5 thoughts on “Man Killed after Being Hit by Disney Bus”

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  2. For the record under the law vehicles never have the right of way, it doesn’t matter who they are. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way and if I were the family of the victim, I would sue on this one if Disney doesn’t step up and do the right thing.

  3. One, pedestrians DO NOT always have the right-of-way — they do in crosswalks, on sidewalks areas designated for pedestrian traffic, but they do not on roadways designated for vehicular traffic only (such as highways, expressways, etc.). If the pedestrian was in a lane designated only for bus traffic, there would be no reasonable expectation on the bus driver’s part that a pedestrian would enter the bus lane.

    Two, Disney is private property. The law doesn’t cover private driveways, no matter what the law is for the surrounding community.

    For someone to automatically want to sue without knowing the actual circumstances just shows how brainless most Americans are. Yes, if the man was in a crosswalk or an area where pedestrians should be expected, then it is the driver’s fault. But if the pedestrian was in an area clearly marked for vehicular traffic only, you can’t blame the bus driver.

    Speaking of idiotic, what is the meaning of “if Disney doesn’t step up and do the right thing”? If they don’t bring the man back to life? If they don’t replace the head of the household with someone similar? That statement is asinine.

  4. You know this is a major problem in general. Kids noowadays walk across the street with zero regard for traffic, visibility, time of day or anything outside of their iPods. There simply is no fear of cars and this is why a person gets hit.

    MANY people have the mentality of Chris Wade where they feel being a pedestrian means traffic must ALWAYS give them the right of way. And regardless of how some people will twist the law, the truth of it is that a car is metal and a body is soft flesh and brittle bones. So who cares which side has right of way, if youre a pedestrian then DONT CHALLENGE A MOVING VEHICLE.

  5. We were down there when this happened, its very sad. The important thing is to stay together and stay attentive. The day it happened our bus driver stressed to us the importance of using crosswalks. No sooner had he said that and started to pull off when someone darted out between two buses.

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