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Osborne Lights vs SeaWorld’s new Sea of Trees

Every year, the Osborne Lights gets changed, adjusted, or expanded. This is one of the things that makes Disney World great. The term “spectacular” is well-chosen for this show – it’s a spectacle no matter how you slice it. First timers find their breath taken away.

That said, this year’s show only inches forward incrementally. New narration includes an “interruption” by Phineas and Ferb, during which the streets go dark. And one set of windows now sports video screens, showing an eternal blue background and lazily- drifting oversized snowflakes.

At SeaWorld, they continue the booth-based village with traditional treats and gifts, and they still decorate the heck out of several areas. What’s new is the Sea of Trees. Seventy-Five artificial trees dot the waterscape near Shamu, and not only do they light up, they dance to music. It may lack the grandeur and spectacle of the Osborne Lights, but it makes up for it with the charm and heart of the songs. Many of the musical selections are “classical” Christmas (in other words, religious) in nature–something Disney definitely underplays except at Candlelight.

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