I’m toying around with a new series of posts, or potentially even a separate blog, focused on the influence of Disney in online video as created by fans and artists. There’s a wealth of great, and some not so great, creations on Youtube and Vimeo that deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

Take, for instance, this video by Rendezvous Quartet. They’re an A Capella group from Toronto who have recorded a small number of Disney songs in this barbershop/close harmony style that’s recently seen a bit of a resurgence thanks to shows like Glee and The Sing Off.

I really enjoyed that. Didn’t you? Head to Youtube to view it in HD for the best quality. I hope Disney figures out a way to incorporate a bit more performing groups like this in its parks and television offerings. In the meantime, I’ll go exploring and I hope that you’ll use either the comments here or the feedback link down below to send me some of your favorite internet video performances from the realm of Disney.