Early Pre-Viz Concept for Rapunzel Unbraided

Here’s a look at some early concept work on Tangled back when it was still Rapunzel: Unbraided. As Glen Keane saw it, the story was split between fairytale and modern eras. This is a pre-viz roll done by Tony Hudson in 2005 under Keane’s direction. Catch it now before Disney legal yanks it.

Now that would have been a different princess film. But I can see why they shelved the idea since Enchanted was also in production and the ideas are fairly similar.

(Via CartoonBrew)

11 thoughts on “Early Pre-Viz Concept for Rapunzel Unbraided”

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  4. I love getting to see this. I felt so bad for Glenn when he was kicked off. He’s just such a god in animation. Does anyone know him or met him to know how he felt about the transition? I thought this version looked really cool- especially the fairytale land stuff. I don’t love animated films taking place in modern day quite as much. The concept worked so great in Enchanted as live action/animation mix. But i think there’s some nice stuff in there I’m sorry got lost. And really liked getting to see what character Kristin Chenoweth was too play. That squirrel is so cute! I hope she gets another chance. A southern belle fairy just isn’t enough animated Kristin for me.

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