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The Music of TRON: Legacy

A great feature article over at on the music of TRON: Legacy:

A personal passion for electronic music led Kosinski to think of recruiting Daft Punk, the French duo consisting of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Kosinski first met with them over breakfast at the 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood, where their year-long courtship and subsequent two-year-long working relationship on the film started. Bentley, who had worked with Kosinski on some prior projects, was also instrumental in bringing Daft Punk on board.

Much of the music was imagined before filming even began to take place. Armed with only the script and the original test teaser shown at Comic-Con in 2008, Daft Punk began to write. When Kosinski received the first 24-track demo, he immediately sat down and put on his headphones. Using the rating system on iTunes (one to five stars) he rated each track and made use of the comment section. He noted his thoughts and ideas on each tune and even gave some of them titles: “Light Cycles”, “Sirens”, Flynn’s Theme”, etc.

Lot’s more to learn about the score and the recording process over at It’s nice to see Kaz writing again. She was one of LP’s original staff writers.

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