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NTSB unloads documents related to Fatal July 2009 Monorail Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released a group of documents related to its investigation of the fatal July 2009 monorail accident. I’ve opened a “group source” wiki to try and make sense of it all, establish a timeline, and identify any errors or areas in need of clarification.

I’ve already spotted a few errors in the documents, which is to be expected given the volume of data they’ve been collecting. I’m hoping that with additional eyes we can get this done rather fast. I’ve also set up some guidelines for the work that I hope will maintain respect for the family of cast members and all those involved in the tragedy.

A majority of the documents are technical in nature. The type of documents that establish who knew what, what sort of maintenance had been done, operations manuals, etc. There are also a few select personnel files, witness statements, radio transcriptions, and interview transcripts.

I’m not suggesting that we’re investigators or even able to make qualified recommendations. But as a community of fans, cast members, and various experts in our own fields, we can make some sense of these documents.

Please contact me if you want to help and I’ll give you access. Or head to WikiSpaces an account then send me that info and I’ll invite you.

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