Dancing with the Stars: Semifinals Results

Tonight, the news we’ve all been waiting for – which three couples will be in the Season 11 finals? After last night’s awesome performance show, it’s anyone’s guess. I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out!

After last night’s performances, Jennifer/Derek were in the lead, followed by Kyle/Lacey, Brandy/Maks, and Bristol/Mark. Surprisingly, Brandy and Maks’s underwhelming (but high-scoring) Argentine Tango was selected for the encore performance. Really? Out of all the amazing dances last night … really?

Annie Lenox was this week’s first musical guest, singing “Universal Child,” and accompanied by some beautiful contemporary dancing. Then we were treated to this week’s montage, “The Journey Within.” Being on this show changes you. One must walk through the fire to emerge a beautiful butterfly rising from the ashes … or something.

The night’s first results were no surprise: Jennifer and Derek are headed to the finals.

And now, time for something I completely forgot about: the Macy’s Design-a-Dance. Per America’s bidding, Derek and Cheryl performed a 50’s drive-in themed routine. It was cute, but it was nowhere near the level of awesomeness of the Derek/Julianne piano jive from a few seasons ago. Then Annie Lennox was back to rock the house with “Little Bird.”

Now, a pros-only montage! Each of the remaining professionals sounded off on the Final Four. Since they are all still in competition, there was nothing even remotely scandalous here. Everyone has strengths! Film at eleven.

More results …. Kyle and Lacey are going to the finals! Yesyesyesyesyes!

Then Enrique Iglesias crashed the ballroom to perform this summer’s most annoying song, “I Like It,” or as I like to call it, “Hey Man, I Think Someone Threw Your Stereo in the Blender.” And then, finally ….

Drumroll …

…. Brandy and Maks are going home! I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t thrilled by these results. Yes, Brandy was the better dancer, but it’s clear that her ego and competitiveness were slowly turning her into some kind of ballroom beast. And Bristol in the finals! Who would have thought? What a long, strange road this season has been.

So, to recap this recap: Jennifer/Derek, Kyle/Lacey, and Bristol/Mark will face off in next week’s finals. Bring on the freestyles!

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