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Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Performances

Please welcome guest recap author Brittany Vollmer. The Disney Chick will return next week with her regular coverage.

It was an interesting night for sure on Dancing with the Stars. For the first time ever the stars were put through an Instant Dance Round…most of them were nervous, but after the dance you really couldn’t tell.

The show kicked off with Kyle and Lacey’s Viennese Waltz. Carrie Ann said it was like watching a fairytale come to life. All three judges gave the pair 9’s, making their score a 27/30. After finding out their scores Kyle picked his ‘Instant Dance Round’ song. Without looking, he chose “Good Golly Miss Molly”….he then had 45 minutes to go prepare.

Jennifer and Derek were next to take the dance floor. It didn’t look too promising seeming Jennifer had a visit at rehearsal from the doctor after having pains in her knee. During the routine, you couldn’t even tell she had the slightest bit of pain. Her quick step was pretty much flawless. The couple received a 27/30. After learning their scores, Jennifer reached in and pulled out “Waiting For A Girl Like You” by Foreigner for the ‘Instant Dance Round.’

The third couple to compete were Kurt & Anna. Their Waltz earned praise from the Judges, Len saying “the whole feeling of the dance was beautiful.” The couple received all 8’s, giving them a 24/30. They then found out they would be dancing their second dance to No Doubts “Hella Good’’…a song Kurt didn’t know.

Then it was what I had been waiting for, Bristol and Mark. I have enjoyed watching the pair improve but tonight I wasn’t sure she could pull this off. To get inspired for the Argentine Tango, Bristol’s mom stopped by rehearsal. During the dance, Bristol sort of lacked intensity. She was trying to have fun with it but missed a few steps, but overall it was a decent job. Earning all 8’s by the judges, Bristol then found out she would be dancing her Samba to Sergio Mendez’s “Mas Que Nada.”

Last but not least, Brandy and Maks danced The Waltz. It was absolutely beautiful and looked as though she could win the whole thing. Len & Bruno loved it, giving the pair 10’s, while Carrie Ann gave a 9. With all the individual performances done and Brandi and Maks at the top of the leaderboard with 29…it was time for the Instant Dance Round.

I can’t express enough how impressive it was to see the stars move to the music. First up, Kyle and Lacey came out with high energy and a lot of intensity. The Jive was so fun to watch…Carrie Ann said it was the most fun she has ever had as a viewer and a judge. Maybe the pair can thank Season 8 contestant Steve-O from Jackass for stopping by the rehearsal to teach Kyle how to ‘avoid distractions’. If you missed the show- it’s definitely worth going to ABC’s website to watch for a good laugh. Kyle and Lacey received a 29/30 for their second routine, giving them a 56/60 for the night.

Next it was time for Jennifer and Derek to do their Rumba. Once again – you would have no idea that 1. They had never danced to the song before and 2. That Jennifer had knee problems. It was a beautiful dance and the 30 score they got was well deserved. They ended the night with a 57/60.

Next up, Kurt and Anna took the stage for their Cha Cha Cha. After receiving praises from the judges, Kurt was disappointed and so was the boo’ing crowd that he only received 8’s! He ended the night with a 48/60.

Bristol and Mark came out on the dance floor with high energy but not the greatest moves. Carrie Ann told Bristol her personality shined through but she really didn’t mix well with the music. Carrie Ann gave the pair a 7 and the other two judges were a little nicer and ended her night with 8’s. She will go into tomorrow’s results show with a 47/60.

Finally, saving the best for last…(in my opinion). Brandy and Maks had a lot of energy in their Cha Cha Cha. It started out with the couple sitting on the stage in the beginning- something Carrie Ann had a problem with. During the reviews, Carrie Ann and Maks had a disagreement about the choreography. Overall the dance earned them a 28/30, making it a combined total of 57/60 for the night.

So it was a pretty good night on Dancing With The Stars. No major mess ups and no bad dances. Jennifer and Derek, and Brandy and Maks will go into tomorrow’s results show tied at the top of the leaderboard.

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