Disneyland cancels next two years of Food & Wine Festivals

We knew that the construction at California Adventure was going to cause some logistical headaches. It was a miracle of great planning that World of Color created such a small disruption. However, the reality is that the park is now a maze of walls and it’s going to get worse. So the park has made the wise decision not to complicate an already delicate crowd control condition with a Food & Wine Festival. That stands for 2011 and 2012.

It’s a sad decision for the park to make as the Food & Wine festival was building its own following, rather than just echoing the original EPCOT edition. I wish the park luck in building that momentum back in 2013. If the Disneyland hotel wasn’t also undergoing a renovation, I wonder if they would have considered a limited Food & Wine event there as a temporary solution.

More at the Disney Parks blog.

3 thoughts on “Disneyland cancels next two years of Food & Wine Festivals”

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  2. Ah, they could have done it in the backlot by using the Hollywood & Dine and Millionaire buildings and the old queue are for Millionaire if needed. They could also use the empty spaces around there and could even use the backlot stage for presentations. If they wanted a second stage, they could suspend Playhouse Disney (or have fewer showtimes) and have an additional indoor stage there. If more space is still needed, they could use the backstage area that Millionaire used to use for winning contestants and the evening loading area for the Toy Story buses, they could load and unload on the same side for the entire day for a while.

    Numerous other options are available as well, bottom line is it could be done with just a little bit of planning.

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