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More Fun New Merchandise at Disney World

There is more to Walt Disney World merchandise than just t-shirts. I’ve spotted a bunch of new merchandise recently and, while there are a few real bright points, there are also unfortunately a couple misses.

First are there are a bunch of great new Mickey Mouse Ears in the parks. I really like these R2-D2 ones.

One more set of Mickey Ears and two possibly disturbing finds below the jump:

I generally don’t like the Vinylmation offerings that Disney is substituting for Pin Collecting (I think the figure looks funny and the prices are too high), but am digging this Vinylmation themed Mickey Ears.

Since Disney now owns Marvel this should come as no surprise. But Disney now sells a whole range of Marvel products in the parks, including this selection of comic books at DHS.

Finally, a new Mickey Mouse candy dispenser is for sale. Besides being off model, the candy dispensing device is in an awkward location. Take a look:

Of course, I recommend the Store for all your Disney shopping needs. They have a great selection of Mickey Ears including a couple of those above.

7 thoughts on “More Fun New Merchandise at Disney World”

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  2. Ever since they closed my favorite Disney store in NYC on 5th Ave. I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to pins. When I was in Florida in May I noticed a much smaller offering of pins, especially LE pins and was afraid that Vinymation(not a fan of this at all) seemed to be taking over old pin locations. So is pin trading going to totally go out or will we continue to see this scaled don version?

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  5. The bottom half of that Mickey candy dispenser is the same as Tom Servo’s (from Mystery Science Theater 3000) head, minus the regular see-through candy holder!

  6. Actually, the appearance of comics at DHC goes back to its roots (if memory serves correctly). I remember back when I visited Disney-MGM studios in its second year or so they had a location back then which sold comics. It was on the Echo Lake side of Hollwood Boulevard, and was part of a Newstand type location.

    I actually don’t mind this appearance….it’s not completely out of place in DHS somehow, as it reflects the “real city” vibe.

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