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Disney Balloon and Caricacture Vendor owner dies

I knew that the caricaturists who sketch your profile at Disneyland and Walt Disney World were outside vendors, but I didn’t realize the balloon sellers were. Both licenses are owned by the same company, a company founded by Jess Rubio, who got his start as an sketch artist at Disneyland.

Rubio died at the age of 77 earlier this week and leaves behind a legacy of countless memories and mementos created by himself and his staff at Disney’s parks. Our condolences to his family.

(Via the Orlando Sentinel)

4 thoughts on “Disney Balloon and Caricacture Vendor owner dies”

  1. I think what the article meant to say was that he maybe produced the actual Mickey-shaped balloons. The balloon vendors are employed by the Walt Disney Company, and work out of the Outdoor Vending department.

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  3. Hi Vinh,
    The article in the newspaper is correct. The balloon operation is privately owned and operated by Rubio Arts.

    Sally Rubio

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