Reservations open for Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Visitors to Disney’s Animal Kingdom who want a closer look at the animals in the Pangani Forest and Kilimanjaro Safari areas of the park have a new option to enjoy. Alas it’s a pricey option with tour prices starting at $129 (which does not include park admission), but it sounds absolutely amazing. Previous to this, the best VIP tour of the area was only for concierge guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Full details below the cut:

Navigating a rickety footbridge over a river chasm can be dicey enough for explorers. In an all-new Disney adventure, what lurks below that bridge may quicken their step to get to the other side: Crocodiles!

A ravine of menacing-looking crocs, pools of hippos, bushwalks along untracked terrain and other thrills await guests on Wild Africa Trek, a unique wildlife experience scheduled to launch in early 2011 into the deepest, most-remote reaches of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Reservations can be booked beginning Oct. 15, 2010, for the three-hour, expert-led adventure that will immerse guests in the realms and wildlife thrills of far-off Africa – without leaving Walt Disney World Resort. In small groups, guests on the Wild Africa Trek will enjoy an “up-close-and-personal” experience with African wildlife species that make their home in Pangani Forest as well as other areas of the park’s Harambe Wildlife Reserve.

As part of the adventure, guests will clip onto a lifeline as they step to the very edge of a cliff to get amazingly close to the hippos and crocs waiting just below. Talk about cliff-hangers!

Adventure-minded guests will have the experience of a lifetime as they get immersed in an authentic African safari experience that only Disney can deliver,” said Michael Colglazier, vice president of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. “We are thrilled to be offering this unique outdoor adventure aimed at active vacationers, taking interactions with the incredible animals that inhabit the Harambe Reserve to the next level and literally blazing new trails in our park.”

Highlights of what’s in store for guests on this add-on adventure:

* Trekking with experienced guides through areas of Harambe Wildlife Reserve that aren’t explored during regular Disney’s Animal Kingdom experiences.
* Navigating through fern and vine forests on a bushwalk that sets a course for adventure.
* Clipping into a harness attached to a safety line, crossing a seemingly precarious rope bridge over the Safi River and cliff-hanging at the edge of gullies that are home to hippos and crocodiles.
* Experiencing the thrill of “over-landing” in customized open-air vehicles following the edge of a magnificent, wide-open savanna.
* Unwinding from an unforgettable adventure at a private safari camp for wildlife viewing. At this station elevated above the savanna, guests savor sample tastes of Africa as their adventure draws to a relaxing and satisfying close.

Wild Africa Trek will be offered several times daily at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Groups will be kept small, consisting of no more than 12 trekkers per safari.

Reservations for Wild Africa Trek can be arranged by calling 407-WDW-TOUR (939-8687). Pricing for this unique adventure will vary seasonally. Guests who reserve a booking from Jan. 16-Feb. 26, 2011, may take advantage of an introductory offer starting at $129. Park admission is required for participants.

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  2. Mike – I’ve heard the minimum age is 9 years old for the experience.

    This looks SO very interesting. I have a friend who got promoted down there to Wild Africa Trek guide, so I’ll have to get more inside dirt from him ;) Boy, this makes me miss my days taking people on two-week safaris!!

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  4. Wild Africa Trek sounded so wonderfull, that as soon as I heard about it, I made a reservation. It sounds like going to Tanzania and Kenya all rolled into one…and without worrying about geetting all sorts of vaccinations, not to mention an unconscionablly long air flight. Then we heard some of the caveats. No cell phones (this I understood but probably for different reasons than they have). No cameras/photography (this could be a deal breaker). Can you imagine going on a photgraphic safari withoutout a camera? Yes, they explained they will take pictures for you. But, much of the contemplated joy, at that price, is to take one’s own shots for personal prosperity. Perhaps they think I might drop my NIKON SLR down a hippo’s throat? If other photographer’s are as serious about the art, and value their cameras as I do, then DIsney should know I treat my equipment like one of my children.
    I certainly hope they rethink their rules.

    1. Actually the photos are included in the price of the Trek, you actually get a whole CD of photos. So if you take the trek at the beginning of the journey you can add other photos to it from the rest of the parks before you head home

  5. I called to book today. You are allowed to bring your own cellphone and cameras as long as they are able to be small and fastened to your safety vest. The other limitations are no one larger than 310 pounds, no fear of heights, have to be able to walk and hike, you must wear closed toed shoes with a strap (sneakers, hiking boots, crocs etc) NO flip flops, and you must wear long pants. Hope that clears some of it up.

    On another note….. dropping your Nikon into a hippos mouth wouldnt be the worst thing… then you could upgrade to a Canon!

  6. I don’t like this new adventure much. It really spoils the views from the Safari ride. I guess it might get interesting if you all became part of the food chain. “Enjoy the wonderful vast views of the savanna, what the?…Sorry folks the open plains have been spoiled by tourists.”

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